Actual Size Tent Pole Dimension Chart

To print the chart:

Click on the picture below to PRINT off a full size version of the pole dimension chart,
when the chart comes up, right click off of the chart diagram (off to the side, not on the
picture or hit Ctrl P) to display the drop down box for the print button
do not judge the sizes by the display monitor

To use the chart:

Place a quarter and penny on the appropriate areas on the chart to make sure the chart
represents an accurate scale (each coin will go just to the outer border of the drawing-you
should just slightly see the outer ring). 
If the coins are the same size as the image, place your tent pole over the red hollow
circles to match your pole to the poles we stock- again when the pole is in the circle
you should just slightly see the red ring for the proper size).

Note:  The first circle in the pair equals the outside diameter of the pole, the 2nd
circle (I or F) represents the outside diameter of the insert for aluminum poles or the
outside diameter of the ferrule for fiberglass poles

Note: chart is a guideline, if you need to be exact use a micrometer to mic the pole